Spongee Soft & Smooth Baby Cleansing Wipes

  • Spongee Baby Wipes are ideal for baby nappy change, face wipe & hand wipe.
  • Maintains PH level of baby’s skin
  • Safe to be used for cleaning baby’s intimate areas, mouth area & hands
  • Aloe Vera based water wet wipes, Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Safe & gentle on baby’s sensitive skin
  • Clinically proven Soap & Paraben Free
  • Hypoallergenic soft & smooth baby cleansing wipes
  • Size: – 150X200 mm

Spongee Soft Body Cleansing Wipes - 300X240mm, 10 Wipes/Pack (Pack of 1, 10 Wipes)

  • Spongee Body Wipes gently cleanses and moisturizes skin, keeping it fresh and healthy.
  • Clinically proven Body Wipes, Mild fragrance, aloe Vera & vitamin E enriched
  • Microwaveable – Can be used as Hot & cold
  • Maintains the pH level of the skin, Alcohol free
  • Safe to be used on a patient
  • Useful for bedridden or sick patients
  • Hypoallergenic soft body cleansing wet wipes
  • Sizes: 240×300 mm, 300X300 mm

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